Accessing eCW Remotely (OSX)

ecw Remote Access (OSX Edition)

This document outlines the steps involved in connecting remotely to eClinicalWorks from an OSX (Mac) based computer.

First you must install the latest Microsoft Remote Desktop Software

  1. Click the Apple menu, and select "App Store":
  2. Search for Microsoft Remote Desktop:
  3. Click on "Free":
  4. Click on "Install App": If you see an update option click that instead. If you see an open option proceed to step 7.
  5. If you are asked for your apple ID and password, enter it, and click continue:
  6. You will see "Installing":
  7. When it's installed, click on "Open":
  8. Open Microsoft Remote Desktop. The first time you run it you will probably see a dialog similar to the one below. Click "Don't show this again", then click "Close", as shown:
  9. You should see the main Microsoft Remote Desktop app window. You won't see anything just yet; we need to configure it. To start, click "Remote Resources", as highlighted below:
  10. In the URL Field, type "", then use your CareATC Email address and password in the fields below, and click "Refresh":
  11. You should see a success message similar to the one below:
  12. Close the Remote Resources pane. You should now see all the resources that you have access to within Whitman's instance of RemoteApp:
  13. Double click on any one of the applications, and you'll see a black window up showing the following dialogs:
  14. You may see this screen for 20- 40 seconds while the connection is secured :
  15. You will then see a window similar to a WIndows 8.1 login progress screen:
  16. Finally, your application will run:

Issues have been reported when using Macs to access eCW.  Some changes may need to be made to display settings in order for remote access to eCW on Macs to work properly.  Here are some of the changes

Go to the Apple in the top left corner and click System preferences.  Then click dock.  Check the box next to automatically hide dock.  Test eCW for display issues.