Accessing eCW Remotely

eCW Remote Access - Windows Edition

This document will show you how to get access to eClinical Works while outside a clinic or corporate office setting.

  1. Request access from your Clinic Manager. They will inform IT via ticket system about the need and will make the necessary changes to allow for the employee to have access to the remote eCW application. After the changes have been made on IT's side, the employee requesting remote eCW will be notified.
  2. Open Your browser
  3. Navigate to:
  4. If the browser asks you to Allow Remote Access, select allow.
  5. Enter your windows credentials with the following format for the username and press sign in.
    Username: “Your CareATC email address” --- Example =
    Password: Same as your windows/email password

    Please note, if you do not have a CareATC Email address, your username will look like jonsmith@catc.local
  6. Once the correct credentials are accepted, you will see an eCW button. Press the eCW Web 11e button 1 time. This will download a link, click on the download to open. 

  7. You will then be prompted to accept a security alert. Press Yes. You may be required to enter your email and password one more time. You may receive one more security alert, which you can say yes to. After these steps you will be connected to remote eCW.