Using Sonicwall NetExtender

How to use Sonicwall NetExtender

These instructions will show you how to use the NetExtender program for Windows and Apple computers.

This tool will be helpful for users that travel, or are away from the CareATC network (Wireless or Wired). It allows you to connect to the internal network from outside CareATC such as at a hotel, cell phone hotspot, home, etc.

To gain access to this tool, please request via the IT Ticket System. The program will be installed on your computer. If you experience any issues working the program, contact the IT Helpdesk by emailing

How to connect:

Once NetExtender is installed you should see the following icon on the desktop,  double click it to start:You should see a prompt like the following:

  • Enter the follwing information in the fields
    • Server:
    • Username: Your windows username (Example: johndoe)
    • Password: Your windows/email password
    • Domain: LocalDomain   (**NOTE** The “Domain:” section is capital sensitive. It must be “LocalDomain”)
    • Select connect
  • If the program asks you to “Always Trust” the connection, hit always. Otherwise, it will keep asking each time.
  • If successful, it will show you the connection information. If not, double check that the information is typed in correctly.
  • Once you’ve finished with what you were doing, hit the disconnect button to end the session.