Troubleshooting CatcLocalPrintApp


Where can I find it?

  • Bottom right hand of screen if it is currently running. 
  • Within C:\Program Files\CareATC\CatcLocalPrint for most installations

Common Issues

  1. Printing lab requisition from portal is not printing the labels through the dymo printer.
  2. Dymo printer opens the printing dialog, but nothing ever shows up and does not print the labels.


  • In many scenarios, a quick close of the catclocalprint app and restarting it will resolve the issue. Firstly, the app need to be closed either from right clicking on the icon within the taskbar and choosing "Exit" or by opening Task Manager and closing it from there. Next, the app needs to be restarted in one of two ways, to do this, either search for "CatcLocalPrint" within the windows search bar or navigate to C:\Program Files\CareATC\CatcLocalPrint and run the application titled "CatcLocalPrint". 
  • The CatcLocalPrint app is designed to be opened when the print command from the portal is issued automatically, but if this does not occur (You can check either in task manager or within taskbar as shown above to see if the app is running) then the app will need to be manually started