Brother MFC 8510 Scan to email

Scan to Email Instructions

Load the feeder on top of the printer (if flap, pull it back and place paper in tray).  The maximum number of pages that can be scanned is 35 pages.

Press the Scan button, then arrow up/down to find scan to email option

Press OK

Enter email address of person / press OK (see instructions below) to enter email address:

Use the number keypad to type in address

***Please Read*** 

Some address the letters you need will be on the same key, but you must press the buttons continually until you get the right letter….Also if you have to use the same key to type a different letter on the same number you must press the arrow to go to the next letter       

EXAMPLE: the letter “C” and “A” are on the same number.  Once the first letter is pressed to add the second letter you must press the arrow button to move to the next letter.

To enter the @ (at symbol) press the #1 key

For period or dot use the * (asterisk key) press ok

Press start and it will feed the pages through