Setting Up Scan to Email on Brother Printers

You can use this way on any of the brother printers, the transition to the next step may just be a little different but the same steps apply: 

1. Select "Scan" on the home page 

2. Scroll to "Web" or "to Web" 

3. Select "Easy Scan to Email" 

4. You will see accounts already registered to the right. If you do not see your email click "Register" which is usually the first option.

5. Register your email, then select the settings in which you would like to scan the document to your email(.pdf, .docx, .tif, etc.) 

After you have registered your email, you can create a shortcut for your email to "scan to email"

Simply Follow the listed instructions.  

1. Shortcuts tab (bottom left corner) > Apps > Easy to Scan > Pick your Name > Select your Permanent Scan Settings > Same the Shortcut > Press Green Go Button